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Re: Pred anxiety
Sat Dec 17, 2011 11:37

I live in Michigan and am treated at UofM medical school by professors in dept of Rheumatology who dx. my "atypical Still's" almost 11 yrs ago. Because cyclic high fevers were my primary sx. we used high dose aspirin therapy, (an old tx coming back into some use) plaquenyl and pred. in the first few years. (biologics were not as available then and not everyone has insurance or ability to pay for them) I was able to teach nursing,and be productive as a wife/mother. Each time we lowered pred, fevers would return. One has to evaluate risk/benefit ratio of pred. on an individual basis.
TIP: we "rocked" the dose slowly as we lowered it--alternating doses (eg 10/9mg)and did it at 2wk intervals.
Eventually I was able to get OFF but it took almost 2 yrs.
Have used short bursts carefully twice since and was successful. My current regime is a blend of 3 meds including mtx. & sulfasalazine which seem effective for now-labs checked often remain good-for me managing Stills requires occasional med adjustment but I remain active, busy, and thankful.

  • Re: Pred anxietyAnonymous, Thu Dec 15 20:21
    Where are you from Margaret? Why did the doctors keep you on Pred for so long? Why didn't they put you on another drug/shot?
    • Re: Pred anxiety — Margaret, Sat Dec 17 11:37
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