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Thu Feb 2, 2012 00:28

My wife and I have explored a number of different diets to try to positively impact my Still's disease over the last 13 years. I had great success for about 5 years without medications on a strict Vegan diet. Unfortunately, I attempted to gradually add foods back in last year which we believe caused my recent flare up. I have gone back to a strict Vegan diet since November and now have managed to become pain free again.(Currently with the help of meds.) We will begin work at gradually cutting back the meds over the next few months until they are not needed again.

Good luck.

  • management of still's diseaseConcepta, Wed Feb 1 08:00
    hi,i have recently been diagnosed with this disorde.can anyone share advice particularly on proper diets for its management?thanx
    • Re: management of still's diseaseClifford Theodore Lexi-Lou, Mon Jun 22 20:53
      Hello, I know that your post was years ago but our site is still going and I am sure that we would all like to know how you are doing now. What has and has not worked for you. I hope that you are... more
    • Re: management of still's diseaseMellymelt, Thu Feb 2 01:49
      Hello, My rheumatologist always suggested I eat a balanced diet with a good balance of food groups and vitamins. Enough calcium and Vitamine D. He did suggest over the years that too much red meat... more
    • Diet — reyncg1, Thu Feb 2 00:28
      • dietsgrammakathy, Fri Feb 3 18:44
        i was told to try and lose a little but no special diet when i wasdiagnosed i was so sick i did not each much until after i was diagnosed soi am not sure anybut being seblensi
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