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Thu Feb 2, 2012 00:35

I went through six Actemra infusions before we turned to another drug. Unfortunately, I did not see many positive results from this drug. Initially, I experienced severe fatigue and slightly blurred vision for a few days about a week after my infusion. I also experienced occasional headaches and a pretty constant ringing in my ears. After a few months I saw a small loss of hearing in my right ear that has not returned yet. ( only off the drug for 2 months). Through the second and third months I had slight shakes (ticks) in my head and hand but they were not very noticable.

This being said I talked to several people who had no issues and the drug is helping them greatly. it just wasn't the drug for me.

Good Luck.

  • ActemraA, Sun Jan 29 07:19
    Hi All. My husband has broken through Humira and will be out on Actemra next. I can read all the information I like on the net but I think the real information comes from you guys. If anyone would... more
    • Actemra — reyncg1, Thu Feb 2 00:35
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