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Enbrel/ side effects
Fri Feb 22, 2013 23:02

Ive been on humira for awhile now. I havent really had any side effects from it. Only problem is I cant get off the prednisone. I get down to 10mg a day. I seem okay at 15mg and staying there but I want to get off the prednisone completley. When i get to 10 I am weak, tired, achy and cant work so then have to increased my prednisone to 20-30 until I get it under control as I cant be off work then start to wean again. I may be switched to something else as my rheumy says I dont have good control on the humira. I think my cortisol levels tank too when I get down low on the prednisone. Im not sure.

  • Enbrel/ side effectsCaitlin, Tue Feb 28 22:27
    Hey all! Heres my issue/question: Have been on pred for about 6 months and my dr doesn't want me on it anymore, because I have already been on it. Even though it works wonders, it damages your body... more
    • Re: Enbrel/ side effectsClifford Theodore Lexi-Lou, Mon Jun 22 20:52
      Hello, I know that your message was years ago, however, I am wondering how you are doing now. Our message board has slowed down a bit, but people are still on here looking to give and receive... more
    • Enbrel/ side effects — tauri333, Fri Feb 22 23:02
      • Enbrelreyncg1, Sat Feb 23 08:49
        Hey Tauri, I spent over a year on embrel with no side effects. We used it when I was having difficulty getting off the Methotrexate/Prednisone mix. I had a really positive experience as I began... more
      • :(Liz, Sat Feb 23 00:35
        Are you taking methotrexate ? Every time I try 10 mg prednisone my body gets too sick. I was on 15 mg for awhile. I tried Humira. It didn't help me at all. I've had Stills for 2 years now.
        • Re: :(tauri333, Sat Feb 23 00:51
          I tried methtrexate but the nausea was horrible and my liver enzymes went up too high and my hair fell out more. I think I'm better on the combo of humira and prednisone right now. I'm able to work... more
          • Re: :(Anonymous, Sun Feb 24 20:08
            Firstly, thank you for replying. Yes, I tried methotrexate for over a year and experienced hair loss as well. My nausea was pretty bad. I'm glad to hear the humira is helping to keep you out of a... more
          • Re: :(tauri333, Sat Feb 23 00:56
            I've had stills for 16yrs now. I'm 34. I've gone through lots of remissions and flares up since first getting diagnosed plus denial on my part at times that I didn't have it and non compliance with... more
            • There is HOPEkhobbs, Tue Jun 23 08:00
              All, My husband has been in remission now for 6 years and living a very normal active life. What helped him was pred., methadrexate and a daily shot of Kineret. He was on these meds for two years and ... more
            • Re: :(Anonymous, Sun Feb 24 20:10
              oh dear! When you say remission, does that mean you were prednisone free? or does that mean you didn't have still's symptoms? I've had to be on prednisone constantly or I end up in the hospital. :'(
              • HeyLiz, Sun Feb 24 20:11
                sorry I was replying as anonymous! I didn't realize I had to put my information in for every reply :) Liz
    • Enbrelreyncg1, Wed Feb 29 09:16
      Caitlin, I have had to run through a number of drugs over the last year due to another flare-up. I actually started Enbrel about 7 weeks ago and the drug has been amazing. (After 6 months off work I... more
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