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Fri Feb 22, 2013 23:05

Tried the gels and they were pretty useless. Be careful and use only as directed. I heard you can overdose and die if you over use some of the gels.

  • Joint reliefAnonymous, Mon Jan 2 01:11
    Has anyone bought/used any of the joint relief gels/drinks they advertise online/ads? Was curious to see if they worked for anyone with Stills.
    • gels — tauri333, Fri Feb 22 23:05
    • joint pain reliefMargaret, Tue Jan 3 07:42
      I think simple things that serve as "comfort measures" are worth a try,-relief is relief--but my dr. explained that often inflam. of joint lining along with the bone on bone grinding (and accumulated ... more
      • drinksgrammakathy, Wed Jan 4 17:12
        i was told that they might help some but you would have to drink them for 6 to 8 weeks everyday before it helps and that was before i had stills so use your own judgement
      • Joint pain reliefktqt, Tue Jan 3 08:45
        My husband uses biofreeze for relief. We buy it on amazon.
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