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Re: :(
Sat Feb 23, 2013 00:51

I tried methtrexate but the nausea was horrible and my liver enzymes went up too high and my hair fell out more. I think I'm better on the combo of humira and prednisone right now. I'm able to work and can ride my horse. I still can't handle full time so just part time. My rheumy wants me off the prednisone or just on 5-7.5mg max and I can't seem to get there. I came off the humira for a bit last year and had such a bad flare after awhile, couldn't work, severe tendonitis in my ankles and feet, leg weakness, pretty much pain and stiffness all over. Had to go way up on my prednisone for quite awhile and restarted the humira so I do think it is helping. I need to go see my rheumy soon so will see what he says. I've had no side effects from the humira. Blood work is good. No injection sight redness or reactions. I don't use alcohol as skin prep as I think that causes some people to react and no rubbing after, just press a bit of tissue over site to prevent bruising for a moment. I rotate sites on my thighs only. It does sting going in but isn't too bad.

  • :(Liz, Sat Feb 23 00:35
    Are you taking methotrexate ? Every time I try 10 mg prednisone my body gets too sick. I was on 15 mg for awhile. I tried Humira. It didn't help me at all. I've had Stills for 2 years now.
    • Re: :( — tauri333, Sat Feb 23 00:51
      • Re: :(Anonymous, Sun Feb 24 20:08
        Firstly, thank you for replying. Yes, I tried methotrexate for over a year and experienced hair loss as well. My nausea was pretty bad. I'm glad to hear the humira is helping to keep you out of a... more
      • Re: :(tauri333, Sat Feb 23 00:56
        I've had stills for 16yrs now. I'm 34. I've gone through lots of remissions and flares up since first getting diagnosed plus denial on my part at times that I didn't have it and non compliance with... more
        • There is HOPEkhobbs, Tue Jun 23 08:00
          All, My husband has been in remission now for 6 years and living a very normal active life. What helped him was pred., methadrexate and a daily shot of Kineret. He was on these meds for two years and ... more
        • Re: :(Anonymous, Sun Feb 24 20:10
          oh dear! When you say remission, does that mean you were prednisone free? or does that mean you didn't have still's symptoms? I've had to be on prednisone constantly or I end up in the hospital. :'(
          • HeyLiz, Sun Feb 24 20:11
            sorry I was replying as anonymous! I didn't realize I had to put my information in for every reply :) Liz
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