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Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:01

Hi name is radhika and i am a 23 year old college student..i was diagnosed with stills 7 months back and have been on steroids since then..the pain is still there and i am not able to get my life back on gets really frustrating..i just wanted to ask you guys that approximately how much time will it take to get back to go have my life back.. please help me out.

    • Hello!Liz, Fri Mar 1 01:04
      Hello! I got Stills when I was 23 years old too. It's been two years now and I'm still in shock from having it :( I've been on steroids since then. I have tried various Biologics to treat Stills. I... more
      • helloradhika, Fri Mar 1 01:36
        Hi liz..thanks for the prompt respose and sorry to hear that you are suffering from the same condition..could you pls provide me more info on the kind of treatments that you have undergone..I shall... more
        • :DLiz, Sat Mar 2 00:58
          Hello! No problem. I've tried Humira, Kineret, Actemra, methotrexate and another biologic but I have to look up the name because I've forgotten it. Take care! Liz
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