My stills disease good story. new patients read this please
Sun Aug 16, 2015 15:57

Six year ago i was diagnosed for still's disease after i had my first flare. it took one month for me to be diagnosed which is fairly quick from what i hear. the first thing i did was go online for information and came to this site. i must say it got me depressed at first but then i realized that most stories here are snapshots of people in a low point in their lives and when they get better they don't always go online to update.
so i decided two things: one not to read any more and only count on my doctor's advise and the second thing was that when i get better i will go online to post so new still's patients will see that it is not the end of the world.
I am a little late on the second one but promises must be kept :)
i will try to make it short
i am off medication for three years now i was on prednisone started with 60 mg a day and tapered down (my doctor took her time) at one point i was introduced to imuran to help cut off the prednisone after three years i was off them both completely.
i was off work the month of the flare but after that for the last six year i didn't loose a single working day (with and without drugs) i work full time job 10 hours a day as an engineer and own a small online business on the side so for people worrying about their working capability with will be able to do the same job you did before.
actually for me i found out that being active (especially field work) helps. maybe its being under the sun getting some vitamin D who knows.
in the six years since the flare i managed to get married and father two beautiful daughters.
i didn't change my lifestyle or my diet just cut off cola which i use to drink a lot. i wasn't much off a sport fan then and i am not one now though i am sure it would be helpful especially when on high prednisone dosage but don't bit yourself up if you don't workout find other ways to be active.
i can only advise you to keep your chin up i think the mental part of this is the most crucial part
you have a disease so what. don't dwell on why this happened to you, accept that things can happen and you don't always have control over them and adapt. deny you have it and move forward or accept you have it and move forward but don't morn your life it really not the end of the world and you will be able to have a good and full life
i might flare up again and i might not its not up to me so i really don't think about the disease any more (hence the delay of three years for posting this as promised)
so good luck to all new comers find whatever works on your mental state and for the physical state find a good doctor you trust
and leave it to him
Best Regards

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