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Wed May 25, 2016 00:47

Yes, tried it while still in the hospital when I was first diagnosed. Worked great. Very few side effects. After 6 years went into remission. Don't know why. But I personally think it was because 6-9 months after I started a diet that was 90% organic. Can't be positive but even allegeries seemed to have subsided with organic diet.
Surprised your dr just now tried Kineret after all these years.

  • No SubjectAndrew, Tue May 24 03:14
    Anyone try Kinteret treatment yet, ive had stills since i was 21, im 33 now, fevers surpased 105degrees last week
    • Kineret v. IlarisAnonymous, Wed May 25 07:00
      I've had Stills for eight years. I was put on Kineret in the first year. Worked very well compared to other treatments. The downside to Kneret is that it only lasts eight hours in your system. I had... more
    • Kineret — Gashi, Wed May 25 00:47
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