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Kineret v. Ilaris
Wed May 25, 2016 07:00

I've had Stills for eight years. I was put on Kineret in the first year. Worked very well compared to other treatments. The downside to Kneret is that it only lasts eight hours in your system. I had to take two shots per day to minimize the daily ups and downs of symptoms. After three years it wasn't as effective for me.

My miracle drug now for the past three years is Ilaris. One shot every seven weeks for me.

Best of luck!

  • No SubjectAndrew, Tue May 24 03:14
    Anyone try Kinteret treatment yet, ive had stills since i was 21, im 33 now, fevers surpased 105degrees last week
    • Kineret v. Ilaris — Anonymous, Wed May 25 07:00
    • KineretGashi, Wed May 25 00:47
      Yes, tried it while still in the hospital when I was first diagnosed. Worked great. Very few side effects. After 6 years went into remission. Don't know why. But I personally think it was because 6-9 ... more
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