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women's medical rights
Tue Jul 21, 2009 01:33

My Dear Meningimates,
i just read another impressive article about the life work of our dear former US Pres Jimmy Carter and "the Elders" a group he belongs to that has added women's equal rights to their list of important world issues like Habitat for Humanity that builds homes for poor families and the Elders help monitor fair political elections in other newly democratic countries. I greatly respect Ex-President Carters bold words criticizing religious men for their biblical interpretation of the female role of total submission to male authority and his recent action, after all these years he finally left his Southern Baptist church because of the socially oppressive male views about controlling women's bodies found in many world religions and male social cultures that tolerate and excuse the male sexual abuse of women especially in war zones.

You can tell by this 2008 French research summary that if more meningioma patients could have tried the drug mifepristone I take before they have irradiation, more of us might not eventually need both brain surgery and brain radiation that still might not stop the possible gradual progression of this terrible disease. Although some people do survive for many years without any progression, even after 14 years recurrence is still am ugly possiblity no one really wants to mention or talk about in public because it is so dreadful. Many people prefer a pollyanna-like "false positive" mentality that minimizes the risks of recurrence so that they forgo the expensive MRi check ups they need for the rest of their lives, and I know some of our meningimates do suffer emotionally when it regrows or when it does come back if they have multiple new tumors they feel guilty for sharing their bad news, as if somehow it is their own fault. I believe taking the mifepristone helps to allieviate some of my depressed feelings about my condition so that I do not need any other anti-depressants. (some studies are using Corlux, another brand name of the same drug to treat depression) so if any of you are suffering from depression please alert your doctors to this other beneficial side effect of mifepristone.

This recent 2008 summary has pages of bibliography of other endocrinology hormone related articles about meningioma to share with your own doctors if you wish

GBYAY Anne Breen

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        • ANNE BClovia in NYC, Wed Jul 22 22:09
          Anne, Thank you for always keeping us updated on all things "brain". It helps to know what is happening outside of our own little corner of the world. You are so knowledgeable and generous with all... more
        • oophs!Anne Breen, Fri Jul 17 00:37
          I forgot to put my name in the author box above since I started with the cut and paste part I copied from cindi. GBYAY Anne Breen
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