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Fluid Filled Cyst w/ meningioma
Sun Jan 8, 2012 14:18

My Meningioma is in the sagital sinus. It was gamma knifed 4.5 years ago and has been slowly shrinking. I have yearly MRI checkups each December. This December they said I have a fluid filled cyst on or next to the meningioma. I can't remember if it was on or next to. I was kinda freaking out. They showed me that it was there last year too but was less than half the size it is now. The tumor board at University of Washington looked it over and said they wanted to check again in 6 months instead of a year.
Has anyone had this happen to them?

I hate living on pins and needles waiting to see what changes are happening in my head. Thanks for being there for me to vent to. Love this group.

    • SheriAnne Breen, Sat Feb 11 02:08
      Dear Sheri, IMHO and I'm not a doctor or even a nurse, Actually how large or small was it in December? If you notice any increased intracranial pressure type brain symptoms please ask for your next... more
    • SheriCindy in SLC, Wed Feb 1 07:05
      Hi Sheri, I haven't had this happen, but I know what you mean about the "pins and needles". How large is the cyst? And have your docs commented on the treatment going forward? I will be thinking of... more
      • cystSheri, Wed Feb 1 11:09
        The cyst is now 15mm to16mm long. A year ago it was only 5 to 6 mm long and they didn't even mention it to us. They just said wait 6 months to see if there has been any change. Then we will know if... more
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