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Renee from Ky
Saying Hello
Wed Feb 15, 2012 20:34

It has been so long since I have been on here and was catching up and oh my goodness Berta I am SO sorry to read of P.K.'s passing. I'm sorry I haven't checked in sooner to be aware of it. I know you had the most special relationship of anyone I ever 'knew' and you were (and are) the inspiration for me in my marriage of almost 3 years now.

I don't see any posts from Fred in many many months, I'm afraid to ask...? And Karen C just broke my heart. One of the best and wisest women ever.

I'm well here on my end. Still on my seizure meds but the seizures greatly reduced when I quit working my very stressful job. I am now a 'domestic engineer' hahaha, learning to cook without burning down the kitchen. 3 years behind on my mri but since we've moved, hasn't been convenient for me to try to get back for my appts, I need to work on that one. Daughter got me a great walking stick for Christmas and have been using that on our hikes, amazing how much more confident I feel with better balance with that!!

Wanted to check in and say hello to everyone. I just celebrated my 9th year from surgery on 1-30-12 and wanted to remind the new ones just now going through this... It may seem daunting at first. You may be scared at first. You WILL feel differently about many things and about life. First off, life will become more precious to you. Secondly, things that seemed such a big deal before, you realize they really aren't and things you took for granted, you realize you really shouldn't.

The most important thing I learned is that my life DID go on!! Different than it was before. I've had to make many allowances for the changes to my life because of it. But...I still have a fantastic life, an active life and a man that wasn't going to let the threat of another tumor popping up scare him away from wanting to be with me and marry me and love me. Life Is Good! Always remember that.. Life Is Good!

    • So Good to hear from you ReneeAnne Breen, Thu Mar 22 07:55
      Dear Renee, Ditto your words about how our daily outlook and our own priorities can change after a meningioma diagnosis. A serious health condition like this can be a wakeup call to gratefully... more
        • Fred's email addressAnne Breen, Sat Mar 24 03:52
          Dear Janet and all my other good old meningimate readers, Our own dear former m list member Fred Fels, whose precious adult son Rick Fels died from a meningioma a few years ago.. still sends me his... more
          • Anne Breen: Fred FelsJodi M., Sat Mar 24 22:12
            Fred Fels is a great inspiration to many of us on this site. He is a great man. I loved to read his messages here .Even though I do not message alot anymore on this site, I still miss him. Please... more
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