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Jesse Thanks for the screen saver
Thu Feb 16, 2012 07:22

Dear Jesse,
Thank You for the screen saver you sent me and Hello my dear m friend and co pilot in LA CA. How is your mother? I'm glad to know you went for your annual check up MRI, not very glad to hear about your vertigo and nausea sometimes... that doesn't sound so good ...
Are you getting enough sleep and exercise, eating right and drinking enough water to avoid dehydration? Please let us know your results next week. GBYAY Anne

  • MRIJesse In Los Angeles, Tue Feb 14 21:31
    Had my yearly MRI this past Friday. Will see the NeuroSurg next week to see results. I still feel verdigo and nausea at times?
    • Jesse Thanks for the screen saver — Anne Breen, Thu Feb 16 07:22
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