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Jesse more about mifepristone
Fri Feb 17, 2012 07:19

Dear Jesse,
I think Mifepristone can help many people with meningiomas and/or cancer in general, helping both men and women to live longer and stronger lives. I can say that based on all the Pub Med research on Mifepristone benefits and effects I have read for years. The most recent published 2007 and 2011 research indicates it is also a safe reasonable alternative investigational drug for meningioma for some men to take too.

Jesse you will personally have to do much more than just bring it up with your doctor if you want to be put on it. Most medical doctors need to be made more aware and be better informed about how it works because it doesn't get any good publicity or attention in the news. No pharma sales reps are pushing it or handing out any free samples of Mifeprex or Corlux to our doctors. Its hard to get in the US because of politics. Its an old generic drug that is often simply dismissed. One famous doctor I told about it for my meningioma maintenance therapy in the 90s when I was in a US Government sponsored NCI SWOG 9005 Phase 3 clinical trial, actually said that was "just silly." implying that I was just being silly too. Another good doctor wrote to me saying I was a "naive brain injured pawn" of the evil feminists to think it was more effective medicine for my meningioma recurrence than brain radiation and more brain surgery.
Existing medical research on Mifepristone is often ignored by many doctors because it is so unpopular and there are no ads for it on TV or in the news because of its primary old generic use as a cheap safe effective "morning after pill" for women. It has been given a bad reputation in religious media hype, but it is not a bad drug. It has tripled in price in the last 5 years since I had to start paying for it myself out of pocket which makes no sense at all for an old generic unless it has a new purpose. It is such a political hot potato today, that most people choose publically to avoid even discussing it.
So you need to bring your doctor research reports and then try to make sure he or she actually reads them. lol hehehe I highlight the last sentence and conclusions with a yellow highlighter pen to get them to really pay attention to what I am saying.
First, they all try to automatically dismiss my success on the drug as a "placebo effect."
Yet my actual medical success on the drug is documented by my head MRIS and the specific double blind random trial I participated it way back in the 90s. My favorite radiation oncologist at the U of Az who is a well qualifed NCI investigator read my MRIs the first year in 1995 and I had 25% more regrowth and then he found out I had been on the placebo. So I was moved into a cross over arm of the study and was able to take the real drug for three more years and My MRIS were stable the whole time. I will send the links to the mifepristone research in another post since this one is so long GBYAY from your old meningimate, Anne McGinnis Breen who is still living strong!

  • postJesse In Los Angeles, Thu Feb 16 23:16
    Anne you always have a way of saying things that are RIGHT ON!! That's what I love about our M green board!! We can vent,be our self and not be judged. Karen would have loved this post! I miss her!!... more
    • Jesse more about mifepristone — Anne Breen, Fri Feb 17 07:19
      • Re: Jesse more about mifepristone Jesse In Los Angeles, Fri Feb 17 22:12
        Thank You Anne!! You are so informative!!!
        • Medical Benefits of MifepristoneAnne McGinnis Breen, Sun Feb 19 09:36
 This extensive lab report above shows the effectiveness of Mifepristone against 10 types of cancer cells, one of them was maliganant meningioma and some... more
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