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Anne Breen
Fri Feb 17, 2012 07:45

Dear Sweet Berta,
If timing really was perfect, the Mifeprex drug I am taking would have been made available in the US as a reasonable safe medical alternative to surgery or radiation for my dear meningimates twenty years ago when its beneficial uses for some meningiomas was first discovered in France.

Sorry I am so passionate about this drug issue. My personal doubts might seem out of proportion to some others. I do understand that I do not know why God has allowed human prejudice and ignorance to destroy so many peoples lives and relationships. I still struggle to figure it out...I pray for HIS forgiveness and strength for my own journey. While Karen's dear former girlfriend is like an answer to my own prayers. I really want my own life to make a positive difference for others. Maybe my own high expectations of others get in the way... GBYAY Anne

  • Re: DEAR Berta Berta, Sun Feb 12 08:54
    why.....timing is always perfect!
    • BertaTiming... — Anne Breen, Fri Feb 17 07:45
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