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Jesse In Los Angeles
Re: Jesse more about mifepristone
Fri Feb 17, 2012 22:12

Thank You Anne!! You are so informative!!!

  • Jesse more about mifepristone Anne Breen, Fri Feb 17 07:19
    Dear Jesse, I think Mifepristone can help many people with meningiomas and/or cancer in general, helping both men and women to live longer and stronger lives. I can say that based on all the Pub Med... more
    • Re: Jesse more about mifepristone — Jesse In Los Angeles, Fri Feb 17 22:12
      • Medical Benefits of MifepristoneAnne McGinnis Breen, Sun Feb 19 09:36 This extensive lab report above shows the effectiveness of Mifepristone against 10 types of cancer cells, one of them was maliganant meningioma and some... more
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