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Thank you Linda Jean
Tue Feb 21, 2012 19:32

Thanks Linda, I see you're in Columbus ? I travel there often enough for work, love shopping at Easton : ) I do agree communicating with those that understand and share the bond helps more than any other way for me to feel comforted. I was blessed when I found this site 10yrs ago-

Thank you for your prayers I can use all I can get soon enough : )


  • Praying for youLinda Jean, Mon Feb 13 21:44
    Hi Christine, Greetings from Columbus, OH. I had the M removed (almost) in 2007. Every 6 months I get a MRI to monitor the growth of the piece left. Dependng on the growth, I will have to consider... more
    • Thank you Linda Jean — Christine, Tue Feb 21 19:32
    • Thanks againChristine , Fri Feb 17 14:42
      Thank you all again I've read your messages and will be keeping in touch as the clock ticks towards my next surgery- trying to enjoy my time at home until then, have a great weekend : ) Christine
      • Christinesophia, Sun Feb 19 13:42
        All the best for your forthcoming surgery my thoughts & prayers will be with you. stay positive & you will come through this with flying colours. love Sophia x
        • SophiaChristine, Tue Feb 21 19:36
          Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers it means so much. Christine
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