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Linda Jean- ask about mifepristone
Sun Feb 26, 2012 15:46

Dear Linda Jean,
You know I am not a doctor or a nurse and so you know this is only a personal suggestion based on my own personal experiences with the drug. Please ask your doctors to read more and look into the infection fighting benefits of mifepristone for your sinus condition along with the potential for tumor control. If you are not having any new serious symptoms from your small residual portion of tumor, yet it is growing a little from 6 months ago I sure wish they would let you try taking mifepristone for a few months to see if it could stop the regrowth like it has done for my residual tumor after two major surgeries to safely debulk it.

Knock on wood, and crossing my fingers, and saying a prayer of thanks to the Lord of ALL. Honestly, I have not had a bad cold or flu or any bronchitis or pneumonia at all since I started taking mifepristone 7 years ago and before that I did get some kind of upper respiratory infection every winter.
I have read online how it helps fight infections and reduce inflammation in vulnerable cancer patients and older people whose immune systems have been previously compromised and weakened by other medical treatments like chemo they received.
Now its recently FDA approved for endogenous Cushing's Syndrome which is sometimes caused by a low grade benign brain tumor near or pressing on the pituitary gland centrally located in the head underneath the brain in right behind the nose, especially if they have diabetes and prior brain surgery was not successful in controlling their symptoms.
SO please ask your ENT to look up the new endocrinology reports on mifepristone for our condition or ask for an office visit with an endocrinologist who may now be able to legally prescribe mifepristone more easily than your NS or your ENT.

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