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Hair loss?
Wed Feb 29, 2012 18:38

Hi guys,

My surgery is on Tuesday and even though I feel there's not much I can do to prepare because I know even having gone through this before this probably will be a different experience- I am wondering, having said that, the last time I had surgery I lost a lot of the hair on top of my head, pretty much the area that they lifted after they cut- it was so bad you could see my scalp. I went for pre op on Tuesday and when I mentioned it they told me that wasn't from the anesthesia so just wondering if thats true or maybe it was from stress or the trauma of the incision? Anyone have similar experiences or feedback? I know it sounds tedious but these are the things going through my head now layered on top of the bigger worries now wondering with the last weekend I have left if I should buy something now to cover it up....

Thanks for listening


    • to Christine: Hair LossLinda Jean, Wed Feb 29 21:53
      Hi christine, Before my M surgery, almost 5 years ago, my NS said there would be a 3-4" cut on the top of my head, the top of my head was shaved and I have an 7" Z scar. The length is actually 5" but ... more
      • Linda Jean- hair lossChristine, Thu Mar 1 06:08
        Hi Linda Jean, Thank you so much for that! I never heard of that powder and will definitely look into it- my NS won't shave my head he may cut a little along the incision but like the last surgery he ... more
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