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Linda Jean
to Christine: Hair Loss
Wed Feb 29, 2012 21:53

Hi christine,

Before my M surgery, almost 5 years ago, my NS said there would be a 3-4" cut on the top of my head, the top of my head was shaved and I have an 7" Z scar. The length is actually 5" but if you straighten out the Z, you get 7". I looked like Ben Franklin after the surgery with the shave head.

My hair grew back nicely except where the scar is. My hair looks thin there but it is the thick scar which gives that appearance.

I bought "Xfusion" which is a powder product the same color as the hair. You put it on your scalp and there is the illusion of having thick hair.

I bought mine on for $22 and the applicator $10.

It does the job. The scar will not go away but at least I don't look like I am balding on top.

  • Hair loss?Christine, Wed Feb 29 18:38
    Hi guys, My surgery is on Tuesday and even though I feel there's not much I can do to prepare because I know even having gone through this before this probably will be a different experience- I am... more
    • to Christine: Hair Loss — Linda Jean, Wed Feb 29 21:53
      • Linda Jean- hair lossChristine, Thu Mar 1 06:08
        Hi Linda Jean, Thank you so much for that! I never heard of that powder and will definitely look into it- my NS won't shave my head he may cut a little along the incision but like the last surgery he ... more
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