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Linda Jean- hair loss
Thu Mar 1, 2012 06:08

Hi Linda Jean,

Thank you so much for that! I never heard of that powder and will definitely look into it- my NS won't shave my head he may cut a little along the incision but like the last surgery he left me hair alone ... unfortunately it just started falling out a few weeks after surgery so I had to wear my hair up for a long time and used Rogaine until it all grew back-

Thanks again for listening and responding the support here is really helping me get through : )


  • to Christine: Hair LossLinda Jean, Wed Feb 29 21:53
    Hi christine, Before my M surgery, almost 5 years ago, my NS said there would be a 3-4" cut on the top of my head, the top of my head was shaved and I have an 7" Z scar. The length is actually 5" but ... more
    • Linda Jean- hair loss — Christine, Thu Mar 1 06:08
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