Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:26

Thanks Jesse yes it's been hard to find anyone in my circle of friends and family that can relate to what I've gone thru but finding this site 10yrs ago when I was only 26yrs old helped me cope tremendously and now being back again has helped so much- most people may not realize having an outlet, support group and people who can truly make you feel human when you feel so out of place is such a blessing and helping me so much to heal

Thanks again

  • ChristineJesse In Los Angeles, Sat Mar 10 03:06
    Hi Christine, I don't think it's ever easy after any number of surgeries. As a young adult I always felt alone like as if there were no other young adults with tumors. Stay positive and will keep you ... more
    • Jesse — Christine, Sun Mar 11 12:26
      • Christine Jesse in Los Angeles, Sun Mar 11 22:04
        I know what you mean! The thing that saved my sanity was going to a NBTF BT Conference back in 2002. That's when I first met my VERY Good FRIEND Anne B. I only wished there was more for young adults... more
        • Rolling with punches I am : )Christine, Mon Mar 12 12:20
          Thanks Jesse- yes I think the first time being 26yrs old with this was a bit harder to cope, I'm 36 now and even though still somewhat of an odd thing and not so common having gone thru it twice at... more
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