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Rolling with punches I am : )
Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:20

Thanks Jesse- yes I think the first time being 26yrs old with this was a bit harder to cope, I'm 36 now and even though still somewhat of an odd thing and not so common having gone thru it twice at my age I know living the rest of my life with it will allow me to grow into a kick ass strong senior citizen that's for sure !! : ) feeling better every day here, skies are blue and lifting higher each morning for me so hoping for a good hear to follow all of this : )


  • Christine Jesse in Los Angeles, Sun Mar 11 22:04
    I know what you mean! The thing that saved my sanity was going to a NBTF BT Conference back in 2002. That's when I first met my VERY Good FRIEND Anne B. I only wished there was more for young adults... more
    • Rolling with punches I am : ) — Christine, Mon Mar 12 12:20
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