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So Good to hear from you Renee
Thu Mar 22, 2012 07:55

Dear Renee,
Ditto your words about how our daily outlook and our own priorities can change after a meningioma diagnosis. A serious health condition like this can be a wakeup call to gratefully appreciate the life we do have and a constant reminder I need to remember to count my own blessings for the medical care and doctors that have saved my life.

I had a brief visit with Fred last January at the bt conference, he is still volunteering at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida. Its almost a year since we lost dear Karen C, you are so right, she was one of the best and the wisest of my m girlfriends, I miss her terribly...
Congratulations on your nine good years of living and loving others post-op. And I hope you will go get your regular MRI check up soon, its still the best way to protect our future good health. GBYAY your meningimate Anne

  • Saying HelloRenee from Ky, Wed Feb 15 20:34
    It has been so long since I have been on here and was catching up and oh my goodness Berta I am SO sorry to read of P.K.'s passing. I'm sorry I haven't checked in sooner to be aware of it. I know you ... more
    • So Good to hear from you Renee — Anne Breen, Thu Mar 22 07:55
        • Fred's email addressAnne Breen, Sat Mar 24 03:52
          Dear Janet and all my other good old meningimate readers, Our own dear former m list member Fred Fels, whose precious adult son Rick Fels died from a meningioma a few years ago.. still sends me his... more
          • Anne Breen: Fred FelsJodi M., Sat Mar 24 22:12
            Fred Fels is a great inspiration to many of us on this site. He is a great man. I loved to read his messages here .Even though I do not message alot anymore on this site, I still miss him. Please... more
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