Anne Breen
Bea please ask some more questions
Sun Mar 25, 2012 14:08

Dear Bea,
If Cliff's personality is still there and he is alive in his head cognitively, why is he remaining motionless? Why isn't he getting any physical therapy to get him moving again? I wonder what drugs is he on to "make him comfortable" could any of the drugs be making him just lie still and be quiet? so its easier to manage and care for such a large male bt patient? He was such a strong and physically active big man, always smiling. DO you know sometimes bt patients are drugged so they will not act out physically and hurt themselves or someone else? Have any of your old friends been visiting to socialize with him? Just smiling occasionally? I remember how much he loved to do work outside and drive a tractor around on your property. I bet he really misses his old home and his friends now too

My dear m friends Delia and Kathi Goerzten have each had 8 or 9 brain surgeries for this terrible disease and neither of them is lying motionless. I just have so many questions...there were so many unanswered questions I had about Karen's care too right before she died.... and I really care for both of you. My prayers and tears are being sent up to the Lord of all for both of you.

What if he is seriously depressed? May I ask why you have both been in a rental house in Houston for so long? Can you care for him with personal help at home? Is he living in the rental place with you? Is your old home too far away from his doctors?

I would not be satisfied with any doctor telling me "the tumor has "PROBABLY turned anaplastic" Either it has, or it hasn't! How can anyone survive without any hope from their doctor and their loved ones? I wonder if you asked to see the recent written surgical neuropathology reports to confirm his poor prognosis?
I am probably being too curious or too critical, however were the last two surgeries both good ones? Why was another one needed so soon after the last one? Why and when did this Boston doctor move to Houston? May I ask how you were recommended to him?

Right now I'm feeling emotionally obligated to my dear bt friend Cliff to press you for some better answers from his doctor my dear. My heart breaks for both of you. We had such a wonderful weekend retreat together in the mountains, he was so fully alive and empathetic then and when Karen and I saw you two at the Florida bt conferences.

I want to ask you please not to simply accept the poor medical status you have been given based on his appearance/behavior, if he had any hope...I would be asking for more accurate details about medications and important medical testing information, especially if he was my beloved hubby who was still lying motionless recently post op. My heart aches for your current situation and I want to support you the only way I know how from such a great distance... so please ask the doctor more direct questions, you are such a smart and intelligent woman it must be so painful for you to see him this way. GBYAY Anne

  • Cliffbea.mcclure, Sun Mar 18 07:07
    Cliff had his third craniotomy and Dr. Day, who is now in Houston but from Boston area, did his second and third craniotomy within 5 months of each other. Cliff's cognizance is there but he is... more
    • Bea please ask some more questions — Anne Breen, Sun Mar 25 14:08
      • we've done our due diligencebea mcclure, Sun Mar 25 16:10
        Thanks for your concern, Anne, but believe me we have done our due diligence. With two masters degrees, one in biology, believe me when I state that I know how to research...especially when it... more
        • My heartfelt prayers for You and Your beloved CliffordAnne McGinnis Breen, Tue Mar 27 04:33
          Dear Bea, Thank YOU for reassuring me that he is not being overly sedated. I have no doubt of your due diligence and your research advocacy efforts for Cliff's condition. I was struggling to... more
        • Cliff and Beasharon, Mon Mar 26 06:46
          Dear Bea -- your devotion to your dear Clifford is inspiring and evident; if healing takes place with good vibes, the two of you will again be back at your ranch. Sending warm thoughts and prayers... more
    • Dear BeaAnne Breen, Tue Mar 20 15:00
      Thank you for letting us know what has been happening with you and Cliff's multiple recent additional treatments for this terrible meningioma brain tumor disease. I didn't know you have not been... more
    • Cliffesophia, Tue Mar 20 14:29
      Bea you know i have been with you both on this journey together, i am so glad you have come to let our friends on meningioma talk know how things are with you both. Bea you have & are a wonderful... more
    • CliffDebby in WA, Tue Mar 20 11:28
      Dearest Bea, My heart goes out to you! Cliff is so lucky to have you by his side, you are indeed a blessing! Sending hugs your way. stay strong! Debby
    • CliffCindy in SLC, Tue Mar 20 10:55
      Dear Bea, So glad to see your name on the board, but so heartbroken that Cliff is fighting such a difficult fight. You are both so strong and so devoted to one another, I am in awe of how you have... more
    • CliffTerri, Mon Mar 19 15:31
      Cliff welcomed me when I was newly diagnosed and told me to be positive and speak to people,it helped me so much.I am sending you my very best wishes and praying for Cliff x
    • BeaClovia in NYC, Mon Mar 19 11:50
      My heart goes out to both of you. I understand the joy you get when he smiles. Every time I walk into Denny's nursing home and he looks up and sees me I'm blessed with the brightest smile ever. It's... more
    • Beajanet, Mon Mar 19 05:42
      I cannot imagine what the two of you are going through. My heart goes out to you and I hope you find strength to continue to be the pillar. Big big hugs.
    • Prayers for CliffChristine, Sun Mar 18 22:07
      Sending prayers your way for Cliff, I'm out of my 2nd surgery 2 weeks ago and can honestly say I feel your emotions and understand how scary it can all be- believe in faith and prayer, it helps and I ... more
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