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Prior old dental x rays, not new ones
Mon Apr 9, 2012 04:04

My dear Meningimate,

Ophs sorry I figured out why they closed it. If you wait until Tuesday, you'll see the press release again and this time published in multiple locations. Scientific journals make certain press releases available to the press early under the condition that they honor an embargo date. The dental x-ray/meningioma article was embargoed until April 10, as indicated by the published (past tense) date April 10.
Sorry it was not a good link I gave you
I hope this one is still a stable link to the mistakenly published article in the Gazette or I can email you the copy I posted on the meningioma brain trust email list :

As for the Gazette article being changed, they removed the references to dental xrays and thyroid cancer and leukemia brain radiation therapy also possibly causing meningiomas.

It's just a copy of the press release so since the Gazette article changed, it's because Wiley modified their press release. It might have been decided the wording was too scary for public consumption. New dental office equipment has improved a great deal since twenty or forty years ago when I had most of mine done, but I still ask for the extra throat collar and lead apron protection.

If you haven't seen it already, you may be
interested in this full July 2011 study by the same author(s) regarding meningioma and which also mentions old dental x-rays:

Family and personal medical history and risk of meningioma

  • Dental x-raysdanajoan, Sun Apr 8 20:26
    Anne: I cannot find the Gazette article about dental x-rays and the brain tumor link. The link you posted is dead. Even when searching in the Gazette, it doesn't come up. Can you please re-post?
    • Prior old dental x rays, not new ones — Anne Breen, Mon Apr 9 04:04
      • dental x-raysdanajoan, Mon Apr 9 08:20
        Thank you, Anne!Got it!
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