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Link to article
Mon Apr 9, 2012 08:36

  • Dental x-raysdanajoan, Sun Apr 8 20:26
    Anne: I cannot find the Gazette article about dental x-rays and the brain tumor link. The link you posted is dead. Even when searching in the Gazette, it doesn't come up. Can you please re-post?
    • Link to article — Marylou, Mon Apr 9 08:36
    • Prior old dental x rays, not new ones Anne Breen, Mon Apr 9 04:04
      My dear Meningimate, Ophs sorry I figured out why they closed it. If you wait until Tuesday, you'll see the press release again and this time published in multiple locations. Scientific journals make ... more
      • dental x-raysdanajoan, Mon Apr 9 08:20
        Thank you, Anne!Got it!
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