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Need dvise on post op seizures
Tue Apr 10, 2012 16:59

Hi guys,

Since my 2nd surgery on March 6th I've now had 2 seizures in the past 2 weeks which my NS called focal right arm and leg have gone completely numb for about 2- 3 minutes both times it happened and the 2nd seizure i had yesterday started off with some flashes of light in my vision and slight feeling of being disoriented. I am currently on Levetiracetam (a generic brand for Keppra) I was on 2 a day then taken down to 1 a day 3 weeks post op since at that time hadn't any issues previously with seizures but after the first one happened my NS increased to 2 pills a day now I'm up to 3 since it happened again yesterday

......anyone have any good insight or advice? My NS told me to go see a neurologist since he specializes in the surgery not the pills so waiting to get an appointment now and very nervous of this happening again ESP if I'm alone and out of the house.....

Thanks for listening and any help you can provide


    • post op seizuresMarylou, Wed Apr 11 06:43
      Christine, I had post op seizures that were labeled "focal". ( Hand and arm would tingle and be somewhat painful) My NS turned me over to a Neurologist also. Best thing I did!! He did an EEG to see... more
      • thanks MarylouChristine, Wed Apr 11 10:34
        Thank you Marylou for your message its encouraging- my NS too said it may take 9 months to a year until I can come off these meds- I'll mention getting a EEG as well and see what he comes up with-... more
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