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post op seizures
Wed Apr 11, 2012 06:43

Christine, I had post op seizures that were labeled "focal". ( Hand and arm would tingle and be somewhat painful) My NS turned me over to a Neurologist also. Best thing I did!! He did an EEG to see what was going on in my brain. He told me that the brain did not like being "disturbed" during the surgery and would sometimes react by causing seizures and that once the brain "settled down" the seizures would stop. I had to be on anti seizure meds for almost a year before he would let come off of them. We tried a number of different meds to see which one gave me the best result with the least amount of side effects. He did another EEG after the year was up and Thank the good lord, I've had no problems for almost 10 years. Good Luck, and keep us updated once you see the Neuro.

  • Need dvise on post op seizuresChristine , Tue Apr 10 16:59
    Hi guys, Since my 2nd surgery on March 6th I've now had 2 seizures in the past 2 weeks which my NS called focal right arm and leg have gone completely numb for about 2- 3 minutes both... more
    • post op seizures — Marylou, Wed Apr 11 06:43
      • thanks MarylouChristine, Wed Apr 11 10:34
        Thank you Marylou for your message its encouraging- my NS too said it may take 9 months to a year until I can come off these meds- I'll mention getting a EEG as well and see what he comes up with-... more
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