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Keppra VS Lamictal ?
Sun Apr 15, 2012 15:57

Hi there-

Since my last 2 seizures and bad reactions to the drowsy and dizzy side effects from the Keppra the neurologist is weaning me off that and onto Lamictal -anyone have any experience with Lamictal? I just want off these meds for good but right now need to just stop the seizures and be able to function!

Thanks for any advice you can give


    • christinesophia, Mon Apr 16 02:12
      Hi Christine I am on lamictal also tegretol slow release & nuerontin. No problems with the lamictal just have to watch when you first go on it that you don`t develope a rash. all those i know on... more
      • SophiaChristine, Tue Apr 17 05:47
        Thanks so much Sophia- I'm hoping for the best with fingers crossed- today is my first day back to work too ! Christine
        • Congratulations on your first day! Anne Breen, Tue Apr 17 08:48
          Dear Christine, Glad to hear you are ready to take that big step forward and are going back to work this week. I know it can be completely exhausting being at work the first week or two. Please get... more
          • thanks Anne!Christine, Wed Apr 18 16:04
            Thanks for well wishes Anne- first week back is exhausting but taking it slow : ) Christine
          • Returning to Work!Elaine (Las Vegas), Wed Apr 18 08:01
            Hi Christine! I read the daily updates for the Meningioma Talks and am so proud of you. You are, indeed, a go getter woman. I have noticed that all the people on this site are fighters and do not... more
            • Thanks Elaine!Christine , Thu Apr 19 17:08
              I am now switching to a different anti seizure med, seems we can't find the right one since I woke up with a massive headache today- hoping for the best and confident I'll be back to myself soon !!... more
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