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Congratulations on your first day!
Tue Apr 17, 2012 08:48

Dear Christine,
Glad to hear you are ready to take that big step forward and are going back to work this week. I know it can be completely exhausting being at work the first week or two. Please get plenty of sleep when you get home afterwards and don't forget to eat healthy. Our brains need sleep and regular food energy to help us recover our physical and mental stamina. It might take quite a while to get back up to speed. I have no personal experiences with anti seizure med choices, it is ongoing process to find what drug and what amount works best for each person. GBYAY Anne

  • SophiaChristine, Tue Apr 17 05:47
    Thanks so much Sophia- I'm hoping for the best with fingers crossed- today is my first day back to work too ! Christine
    • Congratulations on your first day! — Anne Breen, Tue Apr 17 08:48
      • thanks Anne!Christine, Wed Apr 18 16:04
        Thanks for well wishes Anne- first week back is exhausting but taking it slow : ) Christine
      • Returning to Work!Elaine (Las Vegas), Wed Apr 18 08:01
        Hi Christine! I read the daily updates for the Meningioma Talks and am so proud of you. You are, indeed, a go getter woman. I have noticed that all the people on this site are fighters and do not... more
        • Thanks Elaine!Christine , Thu Apr 19 17:08
          I am now switching to a different anti seizure med, seems we can't find the right one since I woke up with a massive headache today- hoping for the best and confident I'll be back to myself soon !!... more
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