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Christine (Feelings)
Sat May 5, 2012 14:01

Hi Christine!

The most difficult and still the most difficult times in
my life is short time memory loss, loosing my balance,
and energy loss. I sometimes WISH FOR THE OLD ME TO
A WOMAN NAMED ELAINE WITH SOME OF HER STRAITS. Not FUN thoughts. I have bruises all over my legs, etc. different
colors. Some are fading and then there are new ones.

I feel I lost 10 years out of my longevity and possibly

Each of us have experienced an loss of ourselves! Friends,
Family, etc., forget what we had to endure and am continuing to adjust to our half, functions mind.

I get so tired of hearing, "Elaine, I am so surprised that
you do not remember such, such, of incident?" I want
to yell out at times, "I am not the sharp woman I use to be!"

Christine, you touch my heart and mind. Just remember you are NOT ALONE and just hang in there when things get tough!"

That is all I can do on a daily basis!

Feel MY HUG? Is it hurting yet? Yes, then you have received it.

Love, Smiles, Prayers, and Hugs to ALL!

Your M. Friend,


  • ChristineAnne McGinnis Breen, Wed May 2 13:08
    Dear Christine, Did you talk to your doctor yet? How much are you doing at work everyday? Are you already working a full day everyday? You may need more rest and fun social distractions from your... more
    • Christine (Feelings) — Elaine (Las Vegas), Sat May 5 14:01
      • Elaine, you're absolutely rightjanet, Sun May 6 06:35
        It's 8 years since my surgery and I feel like an old lady (I'm 59) walking down the stairs, clutching the handrail. Balance!!! But, I have to remind myself, things could be a lot worse.
        • Christine (Feelings)Elaine (Las Vegas), Sun May 6 12:27
          Hi Christine! I pray my note did not express negatively ! We must keep POSITIVE and keep a healthy attitude. I was just venting! This morning at church service and every moment I can capture for... more
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