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Elaine, you're absolutely right
Sun May 6, 2012 06:35

It's 8 years since my surgery and I feel like an old lady (I'm 59) walking down the stairs, clutching the handrail. Balance!!! But, I have to remind myself, things could be a lot worse.

  • Christine (Feelings)Elaine (Las Vegas), Sat May 5 14:01
    Hi Christine! The most difficult and still the most difficult times in my life is short time memory loss, loosing my balance, and energy loss. I sometimes WISH FOR THE OLD ME TO RETURN!!!!!!!!!!BUT... more
    • Elaine, you're absolutely right — janet, Sun May 6 06:35
      • Christine (Feelings)Elaine (Las Vegas), Sun May 6 12:27
        Hi Christine! I pray my note did not express negatively ! We must keep POSITIVE and keep a healthy attitude. I was just venting! This morning at church service and every moment I can capture for... more
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