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Christine (Feelings)
Sun May 6, 2012 12:27

Hi Christine!

I pray my note did not express negatively ! We must keep
POSITIVE and keep a healthy attitude. I was just venting!
This morning at church service and every moment I can
capture for myself, "I Feel Bless to be Alive and Thankful
for God's presence in my Life!"
I throw away the negatively the instant it tries to get a
hold on me and revert to the excitement of being able to
live each day with the newness around me. I love nature
and sometimes I concentrate on the birds, etc., to fill
my mind with the wonder of the earth.

Christine, I am sorry if I sounded angry or not appreciate
of my life's situation. I am able to care for my 94 year
old Dad, my Brother who is 62 years old but has a mentality of 16to17 year old, and provide a home to them. Also, be present to My Sister who just lost her husband of 68 years.

Yes, Christine, we must remind ourselves, "Things can be Worst!"

Have a wonderful and Blessed week!

We are all hanging in there and I hope I can be supportive
to you and would never want you to feel badly.

Your M. Friend,

Elaine :) to all!

husband of 68 years.

  • Elaine, you're absolutely rightjanet, Sun May 6 06:35
    It's 8 years since my surgery and I feel like an old lady (I'm 59) walking down the stairs, clutching the handrail. Balance!!! But, I have to remind myself, things could be a lot worse.
    • Christine (Feelings) — Elaine (Las Vegas), Sun May 6 12:27
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