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Your wife's hearing loss
Wed May 8, 2013 05:03

Dear Tom,
HELLO I just saw your recent post and your question about what could cause her recent hearing loss added to this older section of M threads from last year for Christine.

I think your wife needs a doctors appointment to check her left ear, cuz it might simply be ear wax build up that a doctor could gently wash out.

I'm not a doctor or even a nurse, but an ear, nose and throat doctor commonly called an ENT doctor could check her ear and her hearing to determine the cause of her hearing loss. How long ago was her last MRI? GBYAY Anne

  • shuntstom, Tue May 7 20:57
    my wife had two surgeries 10 and eight years ago and then five months of radiation the second surgery they put a shunt in they say after annual mri every is fine she has lost most hearing in left ear ... more
    • shuntDarlene, Thu May 9 16:33
      Hi Tom, I hope your wife is doing better. I had my shunt put in several years ago. I have never been able to hear well from my left ear which is the side of the shunt.I hope this helps you. I'm sure... more
    • Your wife's hearing loss — Anne Breen, Wed May 8 05:03
      • Re: Your wife's hearing lossAnonymous, Wed May 8 18:25
        thanks anne. i made an appointment with her doctor. she had an mri 6 months ago. icalled the oncologist and he scheduled a new mri. we'll see
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