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Ron McKnight
Re: Ron
Sat Jan 18, 2014 17:16

I'm not sure if it is regrowth or a new one that grew. I will know more after my neurosurgeon appt. Wednesday.

  • Re: RonGisela, Sat Jan 18 08:35
    Ron, much success as you move forward .... is this a re-growth or a new growth somewhere else? Unfortunately,Drs found a re-growth a couple of years ago for which I had Cyberknife radiation since... more
    • Re: RonRon McKnight, Mon Feb 3 08:12
      A new growth somewhere else.
    • RonElaine, Sun Jan 19 17:49
      Hi Ron! Please let us know the results of you neou. visit? You are close in prayer. Think positive! Smiles, Elaine
    • Re: Ron — Ron McKnight, Sat Jan 18 17:16
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