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Re: Ron
Wed Jan 22, 2014 14:47

I just found out is a new one growing and it needs to be removed because it will affect my speech. I am like you because I have my faith to take me through as it did 10 years ago. It looks like this time is going to be less evasive because it will be a shorter surgery time as well as less recovery time. Good luck to you and keep the faith

  • RonChristine, Wed Jan 22 09:11
    Hi Ron, I've been back and forth on this board for over 10yrs myself and know how you feel I have had regrowth twice since my initial diagnosis in my 20s. I had one removed last year with some... more
    • Re: Ron — Anonymous, Wed Jan 22 14:47
      • RonChristine, Wed Jan 22 19:04
        I will say that going for yearly MRIs was my downfall after my first surgery over 10yrs ago so it was a hard lesson learned .. unfortunately now I have no choice but to wait however keeping up with... more
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