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Wed Jan 22, 2014 19:04

I will say that going for yearly MRIs was my downfall after my first surgery over 10yrs ago so it was a hard lesson learned .. unfortunately now I have no choice but to wait however keeping up with your a scans can help prevent invasive surgery and allow at best possible GK treatment which is what I'm hoping for after this baby is born if the tumor stays small enough! time will tell and yes faith will take us all thru these journeys..


  • Re: RonAnonymous, Wed Jan 22 14:47
    I just found out is a new one growing and it needs to be removed because it will affect my speech. I am like you because I have my faith to take me through as it did 10 years ago. It looks like this... more
    • Ron — Christine, Wed Jan 22 19:04
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