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Dizzy Spells
Tue Apr 15, 2014 03:30


I am back after a long absence. I do read the posts and have referred lots of people to this site. I have a small B. Meningioma that was diagnosed in 2000 it is near my optic nerve and is the size of the bottom of a pencil eraser. I have suddenly started having dizzy spells not a lot but enough to worry me. I haven't passed out and am aware of my surroundings. I have had MRI's every year since diagnosis and they show no change. Could these dizzy spells be related to the M even though my MRI shows no change??? Last MRI was mid December and these have started since then. I have stopped talking two medications thinking that might be the problem but while fewer I am still having them. Any ideas thoughts suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Kathleen

    • Verdigo spellsJesse from L.A., Wed Apr 16 07:38
      I get those too? I just had my yearly MRI last night and see the Neuro thursday. They come and go? I was told once that they are focal seizures? Some Dr's have no clue? I think it has to be b/c of... more
      • dizzyDana, Fri Apr 18 07:23
        Well I had my Mri yesterday and there was no change which is great news! so I am just not going to worry about it and get stressed out.
      • Re: Verdigo spellsrong1947, Thu Apr 17 04:58
        I had the same thing. In fact that is why they gave me an MRI and found 3 Ms grown together. The M was pressing on a part of the brain that controls speech and memory. If what you have is the same... more
    • dizzyDana, Tue Apr 15 22:58
      OMG the same thing has been happening to me. I never pass out but I'll be looking at something and then I get really lightheaded, not sure if dizzy the right word. Also one day the room was actually... more
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