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Same for me missing original M Talk
Tue Apr 15, 2014 03:35

I had the same problem no one there no mail and had no idea eveyone moved to FB. I have no FB account so was lost without everyone glad some are back here no and I am getting the mail again.


  • Email/fb Cindy in SLC , Fri Jan 24 21:15
    Same thing for me Elaine. I had no idea the site had migrated to fb until I read Anne's last post. I found the fb group and there are over 400 members, so maybe we're the minority. It's good to see... more
    • Same for me missing original M Talk — Kathleen, Tue Apr 15 03:35
      • SiteAlison , Tue Apr 15 21:37
        I was wondering why I wasn't getting any Emails. How do I get onto the Facebook site? Thx, Alison
        • Migraine'sElaine, Sat Apr 26 08:38
          Hello my Dear Fellow Mites! In Las Vegas we have been having high winds and temps. have dip down to the low 50's which is chilly to the residence. Due to Brain Surgery in 2004 the Migraine Headaches... more
          • mifepristoneDana, Tue May 20 10:57
            I am having weird side effects and am not sure if it is due to the mifeprex. Is anyone out there who takes Mifiprex willing to talk to me about it?
            • mifepristonecarolyn hutto, Wed May 21 15:17
              The only side effect I had was no more periods, which was a good thing. Where are you getting mifepristone? I haven't taken it in several years. Tumor still isn't growing. Carolyn Hutto meningioma... more
              • mifepristoneDana, Wed May 21 16:13
                Well I am already in menopause. I order it directly from the Feminist Majority but you have to have a doctor to order it and monitor your progress.
    • Email/fbCindy in SLC, Fri Jan 24 21:18
      Sorry- I meant Janet. (BT moment!)
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