Re: Verdigo spells
Thu Apr 17, 2014 04:58

I had the same thing. In fact that is why they gave me an MRI and found 3 Ms grown together. The M was pressing on a part of the brain that controls speech and memory. If what you have is the same thing it is called Aphasia (not sure of spelling). Anyway today is my first day back to work after my Surgery. My surgery went great and I was only in the hospital 2 nights. Good luck to you.

  • Verdigo spellsJesse from L.A., Wed Apr 16 07:38
    I get those too? I just had my yearly MRI last night and see the Neuro thursday. They come and go? I was told once that they are focal seizures? Some Dr's have no clue? I think it has to be b/c of... more
    • dizzyDana, Fri Apr 18 07:23
      Well I had my Mri yesterday and there was no change which is great news! so I am just not going to worry about it and get stressed out.
    • Re: Verdigo spells — rong1947, Thu Apr 17 04:58
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