Wed May 21, 2014 15:17

The only side effect I had was no more periods, which was a good thing. Where are you getting mifepristone? I haven't taken it in several years. Tumor still isn't growing.
Carolyn Hutto
meningioma 1992

  • mifepristoneDana, Tue May 20 10:57
    I am having weird side effects and am not sure if it is due to the mifeprex. Is anyone out there who takes Mifiprex willing to talk to me about it?
    • mifepristone — carolyn hutto, Wed May 21 15:17
      • mifepristoneDana, Wed May 21 16:13
        Well I am already in menopause. I order it directly from the Feminist Majority but you have to have a doctor to order it and monitor your progress.
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