Woman who has been told by her med provid no 2nd opinion
Tue Jun 6, 2017 22:11

She is with Kaiser Med I know she is entitled to second opinion how do we get one? Kaiser has bailed she has six tumors on her head meningiomas how do we get things started?

    • 2nd OpinionJesse from Los Angeles, Thu Jun 8 10:24
      First what state does she live in? She should go to the nearest Learning hospital to get a second opinion. She should FIRE Kaiser, They SUCK!!!!!
      • Denied second opinionKathleen Dowling, Thu Jun 8 17:05
        She lives in Central California. They gave her a year and a half to live. They told her they would not do a second opinion. I told her she had a right to a second opinion how does she go about... more
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