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This forum is DEAD
Sat Jul 15, 2017 15:12

I don't even know if those ads can be taken seriously. I guess if people will send bank numbers to Nigeria..... At any rate, this person is seriously spamming this site plus it's too much work to wade thru all the spam for the odd actual post. This place is as dead as JP's ministry. Probably just as well. I was watching this video "Holy Hell" recently about this cult of rich people who followed this actor/dancer/porn star "Michel/Andreas" and what I got out of it is how people are desperate for something. Anything, other than what mainstream society is offering. This guy Michel was/is like JP only if JP was gay. And the movie was available long ago, then Jared Leto discovered it and re-interviewed some of the followers and re-editied it and re-released it last year. It's sad that a big star like Jared thinks it is juicy. Oh well. Maybe Jesus WILL come back?

    • The work goes onOMonymous, Thu Aug 3 16:37
      the work of TRUTH and LIGHT continues on multi planes and dimensions not all visible to the unaided eye it is far beyond this particular medium the work has always gone on and will ever go on its... more
    • Not Dead, just under attackFormor Farmor, Wed Jul 26 03:36
      These types of attacks are attempts to discourage people fom COMMUNICATING ..because of the Government Rely on Propaganda. We ... Survivoers are a Threat to the Government...We Come Through the Fire. ... more
      • 000000000000+666Anonymous, Wed Jul 26 03:38
        Spelling CULT with a U cause it cenderd. TESTING---WHAT IS HERE? "" cult """ I put cult spelled with a 'U'.
        • Apparentlyfarmer john, Fri Jul 28 13:46
          great to see people receiving the words of goodness and we hope you will meditate and conterplate, to strive to see the light, in the night's, heaven's right. okay? Farmer John.
          • +1OMonymous, Mon Aug 7 18:11
            indeed ... BE the change you wish to see on the Forum either the GOOD drives out the BAd or the BAd will drive out the GOOD
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