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no non nony anon
Why are you here
Thu Aug 17, 2017 17:50

Like a lot of folks here you either never have anything positive to say except

a) complain about how dead the forum is
b) post snarky parody
c) jump in when someone posts something positive to signal that you're more awake than the poster assuming the point must be addressed to you specifically and it makes you feel inferior

  • Re: 'Cause you're being a kunt. Anonymous, Thu Aug 17 06:19
    resorting to name-calling kind of defeats your argument
    • Why are you here — no non nony anon, Thu Aug 17 17:50
      • But by all meansno non nony anon, Thu Aug 17 17:52
        Feel free to go back to lurking then posting once every few months to notice how dead the forum is. I wonder who's supposed to read those notices though
        • Re: But by all meansAnonymous, Fri Aug 18 15:57
          The intemperate nature of your response does not speak very well of your spiritual philosophy. And as for posting here, I will continue too do so, needing no permission from you. Indeed, I will be... more
          • Forum is dead because you killed itno non nony anon, Sat Aug 19 17:08
            And you are making sure to keep it dead by stamping out any sign of life that might show up. Good job.
            • Re: Forum is dead because you killed itAnonymous, Sun Aug 20 13:05
              Listen to you, presuming to speak for everyone. You clearly have some notions about yourself. Among the types of people posting here you forgot to mention those who post the same type of empty... more
              • Mehno non nony anon, Wed Aug 23 05:29
                We almost never even mention JP. You mention him way more than us. We could post stuff straight from the Buddha or whoever (w/o indicating who it's from) and you'd still piss on it. form is not other ... more
                • Re: MehAnonymous, Wed Aug 23 07:49
                  Again this "we". Who's that then? You and a coterie of those still clinging to the faith that they could never have spent so much time doing something if it was as stupid as it actually was? It seems ... more
              • The Dope Dealer has stoppedanomylous, Mon Aug 21 17:09
                with those feckless posts, perhaps the forum is not dead. We that post here do not heed your presumptive critism as you actually have zero validity. I mean by that you are the same as we are. A... more
                • Re: The Dope Dealer has stoppedAnonymous, Mon Aug 21 23:22
                  Who is this "we" you are talking about? You and the Panamanian army? I like your new word though, "flusteration", that's good.
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