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John P. Anama
Panamanian Army needs recruits
Thu Nov 9, 2017 15:22

Hi folks, how are you doing?

Hey there I know it's weird out there what with Donald Trump president, Vladimir Putin doing his thing and rocket man over there in Korea… But you know we worked with Donald Trump back in the 80s, and offered him up. So he's cool ... he's just doing Krishna's will, or some reasonable facsimile thereof.

Of course he could blow up the planet and that would be "scrunch a Lila" time, so maybe you need to get sincere and do thousands of om circles what do you think? Or maybe you think you can arm wrestle with Putin yourself ?

So anyway you still need me, John the magnificent Panama canal a.k.a. the channel for all good things etc. etc.

So send me a small donation or some Very Large ones. You can send cash checks, bit coin's or rubles. Send C/o Genie Jeannie 1313 Southside Cemetery Rd, Ojai CA

PS. What do you think of that Harvey Weinstein thing? Poor guy ... he just needed to offer up some stuff and do inner work with Amrita and he would've been fine.

    • I approve of this thing he-him writow are you, Fri Nov 10 01:27
      as i listen to the Hour of Slack on WBCQ Shotr Radio. HAIL ERIS, PRAISE BOB, SLACK not CRACK! SAVE GREEN STAMPS, S & H Green Stamps....I AM OLD! LOL. <: smiley
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