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Senor Mud
This place is a hoot, kinda
Sat Mar 3, 2018 09:08

There are some great laughs to be had with all the judging and infighting and deciding who is smarter than who, who is in and out.

Then the ego battles. I was just time traveling back to 2012 in the archives and I was reading some stuff that made me laugh. On the other hand, it really happened. People believed this stuff, thought it was real. Maybe there was "something" real there, just not what it got sold as.

People abandoned the path because John wasn't a real teacher. I read "nobody got enlightened" even though that's what the path is about and so you get hoodwinked by a crap teacher and you toss the baby (path) with the bathwater?

Also, I knew "Nobody" and he was kind of enlightened, he didn't know it because it was just a little bit and he just thought he had a ton of charisma which is why the babes flocked to him (being handsome didn't hurt). Years later he couldn't even consider the possibility that there might have been something subtle going on back then.

Well others have had come to the exact same conclusion. They also had a crap teacher (there were so many in the 70s). Some of them are still going. Prem Rawat. The Moonies. Adidam. And some of their exes are still angry or bitter or both about being taken in in various ways.

The thing is, there was real stuff with most of it. And crap teachers who had real stuff. I don't know about Moon, he just seems like a leader, not a teacher. John had something, but he was immoral. Like others, he had no teacher, so he made up his own thing, always a guaranteed bad idea.

And the thing about judging a teacher is, it's tricky. It's not straightforward. What a teacher has is subtle and they could have something and it wouldn't jump out at you and smack you in the face. So they have to come up with stuff for you to do. Otherwise, they would look ordinary. And being able to "learn" the subtle stuff is really hard and you may "learn" a little and not even know it.

You may have been born with some but not know it. And if you sign up with a teacher and you don't get slapped in the face with something, then you may think there was nothing there to begin with. And you may have gotten something from them. But all you think and talk about is how you learned what a liar they were and an opportunist who got more sex than you and had sex with your wife and did all sorts of really dumb, stupid, even unforgivable stuff.

    • Re: This place is a hoot, kindaRobeard, Mon Apr 9 09:13
      Yes there was something going on, but having joined the group with the intention of being a yogi I found that the more involved I became with the group the less time I had to practice the meditation... more
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