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Re: This place is a hoot, kinda
Mon Apr 9, 2018 09:13

Yes there was something going on, but having joined the group with the intention of being a yogi I found that the more involved I became with the group the less time I had to practice the meditation techniques I had learned and the less clear my thought processes became.

And it was all so John-centered, because supposedly John was God.It was as if you were watching the news and all the news anchor wanted to talk about was him/herself.

So, for me, it was mostly a waste of time. And I really think all that inner plane work stuff was a load of nonsense. It took me years to fully decontaminate and become a truly rational human being.

I have found this website to be very helpful in completing that process.

  • This place is a hoot, kindaSenor Mud, Sat Mar 3 09:08
    There are some great laughs to be had with all the judging and infighting and deciding who is smarter than who, who is in and out. Then the ego battles. I was just time traveling back to 2012 in the... more
    • Re: This place is a hoot, kinda — Robeard, Mon Apr 9 09:13
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