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X shopping days until Panama Day
Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:41

Hi everybody. Well the most wonderful time of the year is here. As you know it's not Christmas but John panama's birthday coming soon on May 14. Because of John the state of Israel was created. Because of John the sun rises in the east . That was why he briefly named himself John East back in the 80s. Then it turned out there was a real John east in the U.S. Senate who ended up committing suicide. I kid you not.

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. And while the truth shall set you free, fiction is entertaining. So everybody loved the John Panama show until the networks cancelled that, because of the intervention of the nitrous oxide sponsor. But lots of gurus get addicted to nitrous oxide, you might say. Just look at Rajneesh. So what would you rather have - no guru or one on nitrous?

Eventually John turn to Twitter, but he got bored after a few weeks. He does need personal attention. So he started a new group with a bunch of youngsters who could look up to him. Well… Isn't America the land of second chances?

In any case we should all give each other presents on Panama day, for having lived through a very interesting and entertaining experience. Peace out!

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